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Birth Education Resources 

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Childbirth Education Class


This 4 week childbirth class is spread out over 4 appointments. This is a one on one class done in my office with evidence based information on childbirth.

*virtual offered*

This is the perfect way to educate yourself on childbirth and ask any questions or address any fears you may have going into your birth. This class is a 6 hour long class with 90 minute appointments. 


Holistic Childbirth
Education Class



This Holistic based childbirth education 

class is two hour class and we go over natural remedies for common pregnancy symptoms and ways to help your changing body.

With this class we go over ways to prepare your mind and body for childbirth. A certified doula and holistic wellness practitioner teach the classes and you gain education from a holistic standpoint. You also receive a PDF workbook of course content.  

Postpartum Support 
$30 an hour

Postpartum support can be book with a minimum of 6 hours support. The time can be broken up into different days or weeks and can will be 60 minutes visits. 

With postpartum support you can have someone to talk to, light house work, meal prepping, laundry, or things along these lines.

Postpartum support is extremely important post birth. With your body healing, hormones balancing out, and adjusting to your new baby/life, it is important to have a good support system for not only your baby, but the mother as well. 

Lactation Support

Lactation support is here if you are struggling with breastfeeding and or have any questions on supply or latch. 


With lactation support you receive 3 in home visits that last up to 45 minutes.  

These visits will be spread out over 4 weeks and can start in the hospital after birth if needed. 

South Georgia Photography & Birth Services

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Family,First Year Photography & Birth Support 

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